The World Wheel

Determine your vision on internalization

The World Wheel

Determine your vision on internationalization

The World Wheel is an instrument that coordinators, principals and teachers use to formulate a vision on internationalization or to test and adapt an existing vision. Discussing the different parts of the World Wheel will help you to visualize a clear line within your policy and general approach to internationalization.

Develop a clear view on internationalization

Develop and test

With the World Wheel you work together to develop and test your vision and approach to internationalization.

Create a plan with support

Use the World Wheel to create a policy and an integral, well-founded and supported approach to the theme of internationalization.

Concrete result

The result is a clear vision on internationalization that aligns existing activities and forms the basis for new activities.

Suitable for all types of education

The World Wheel can be used by coordinators, principals and teachers of secondary education, and all levels of tertiary education.

The World Wheel was a handy tool for us to develop a central line within the different international aspects of our curriculum. It helped us provide a framework for those aspects we were already proud of and to improve others aspects where necessary. We now have a program that fits our school and education.

Daphne OosterbaanBerlage Lyceum, Amsterdam
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