Globi – the team that goes above and beyond

Our international team works every day to help schools and educators with all issues related to intercultural learning. We do that with pleasure and dedication.

Our team

Our team works closely with partners in China and India. Together we take care of intercultural programs, materials and support that matter.

Rosanne Severs


Rosanne will let you jump in at the deep end but at the same time she ensures that you have all the equipment necessary to stay afloat. After she studied, lived and worked in inner Mongolia (China) and Italy -to name a few- she also wanted to make these borderless adventures possible for others; in a safe, protected way and with more in-depth reflection and rich content. Globi was born out of that wish. Rosanne graduated in Language and Culture Studies (BA) and Intercultural Communication (MA) at Utrecht University, the place where she currently develops courses on intercultural competencies for the internal staff. Last, but not least, Rosanne is the mother of two wonderful girls: Leila and Noor.

Danny Nobel

China Director

China Director. Every year he coordinates over 25 exchanges with Chinese schools, and in the office you are also more likely to hear him speak Chinese than Dutch. Danny stays in control during all the potential chaos involved in managing the exchanges through the major differences in time and culture. After studying Social Geography at Utrecht University, he became inspired by China and continued to study in Dalian and Xiamen for a number of years. Here he completed his bachelor and master in Sinology. Danny is fascinated by Chinese cities and stealthily collects Chinese propaganda art.

Karien Verhappen

Communication and marketing

Karien likes to play with language. The Dutch language that is. Her Chinese and Indian proficiency still leave room for improvement. With her masters in Communication and Education and experience in the field of copywriting, she strengthens the team on both the communicative and educational level. Furthermore, she is not only creative with letters; Karien also likes to draw. Her drawing bag is therefore always included in her hand luggage when she is off to go on a new adventure.

Julius Schrijvers

All-round project developer China and India

No matter how hectic things might get around the office, Julius stays calm. And that's a valued skill when something needs to be arranged with a visa for example. Or when an exchange program does not go as planned and his talent for improvisation is needed. For years he worked as a supervisor during our exchanges to China, through which he got to know the ins and outs of the Chinese educational world. With a research master in Anthropology from the University of Utrecht, he encompasses the perfect balance between theoretical intercultural knowledge and practical experience. Besides his work at Globi, Julius likes to use his qualities for a solid game of basketball. Would you dare to challenge him at the court?

Margriet Dijkstra

Project coordinator India and EUMIND

Margriet supports Globi in the work for the Europe Meets India network (EUMIND). She informs, guides and helps Dutch schools in successfully setting up virtual and physical exchange projects with India. Naturally, she also maintains contacts with our partners in India. In addition to her work at Globi, she teaches English and works as a TTO coordinator in Amsterdam. She strongly believes in the value of international experiences as she sees it as a chance to reinvent yourself beyond the expectations of your regular social circle. She taught English in Sri Lanka and researched multilingualism at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. Finally, Margriet wants to read Harry Potter in at least five languages. She just started reading Harry Potter y la orden del Fenix.

Niu Zhang


Do you know the province Zhejiang, in China? That’s where Niu was born. Niu graduated from her bachelor English literature and cultural creative industries in Taipei and is currently doing her master Intercultural Communication in Utrecht. During her time at Globi she wants to learn about organising exchanges and the effect of exchanges on developing intercultural competences. Niu focuses on the summer school that we organise for Chinese students and on creating Chinese communication and marketing material;. Niu loves to travel and discover new music. Do you find yourself listening to the same Spotify list over and over again? Don’t wait any longer: ask this expert for some proper advise.