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What does a global world expect from its young citizens?

Human society in this first quarter of the 21st century is already a global entity. Mastering a wide variety of intercultural skills has become an indispensable part of our contemporary learning and professional environments and an obligatory passage point for any student of global citizenship. This has been the beacon that we’ve guided ourselves by as we’ve set up training workshops and exchange programs in places as diverse as the Netherlands, India and China.

What do you understand by ‘intercultural learning’?

Curiosity towards wildly different cultures, flexibility in thought, understanding and tolerance for traditions and customs different from one’s own. Such is the frame of mind we hope to instill in our students, for them to go on and get the most out of their contacts with new cultures, be those during holidays abroad, international exchange programs or work assignments.

What does this involve in practice?

Finding yourself in a foreign culture can sometimes abruptly take you out of your comfort zone. This being said, the more challenges you are willing take upon yourself, the better you will become over time both at developing dealing strategies and at employing them in a careful and considerate manner. This applies across-the-board, from students, to teachers and organizers.



We regularly offer trainings and workshops.


Exchange with China

China – hard to miss on the map. A world imbued with values, lived out in a language rich in meanings. Some in many ways foreign to European ways of interpretation, a fact swiftly revealed by differences in our educational systems. In this respect, the Netherlands and China have a lot to learn from each other. It is a unique chance for a student from the Netherlands to actually study in a Chinese school for a short period, all the while living within the community and breathing in knowledge of the everyday existence in one of the cultural and economic epicentres of the contemporary world. We believe that it is a great advantage for a young person with a flexible mind to gain early on a first-person view of the Chinese way of life and, with it, the opportunity to bridge their own future with that of an ever adapting and dynamic culture.


A cooperation with China, how to start…

We and our local partners already look forward to you joining us. It delights us when we are called upon by like-minded institutions and individuals to consult and guide along, as it helps us grow and thrive alongside you. Whether you already possess a clear vision for your exchange or are just now taking your first steps in internationalisation, we are here to help. The depth of our involvement is up to you.

…and how can we support you?

Our programs in Dutch and Chinese schools, while tailored based on the specific profile of the institution, have always followed clear educational goals. Depending on the program these goals can vary from acquiring language and communication skills and exploring the other country’s rich social history to joint exercises in world citizenship, corporate social responsibility and the ever-growing and mutually profitable exchange of ideas.


Whether you already possess a clear vision for your exchange or are just now taking your first steps in internationalisation, we are here to help.




Exchange with India

While China is where our vision began to take shape, since 2014 we have expanded our network of teachers and cultural ambassadors to include a number of institutions in southern India, specifically Mumbai, Bangalore and environs.


What about partnerships with Indian schools…

We regularly receive requests from a wide range of Indian schools looking for Dutch partners with whom to initiate exchange programs. After looking closely at the schools’ profiles and proposed exchanges, we single out the most sustainable and substantive projects for you to join.
Through the Eumind Europe network, managed by Globi, we work with schools in Mumbai and surroundings. Besides Mumbai, we focus on schools in Bangalore for exchanges and ‘mini internships’.

…and where to start best?

Southern India has a well-established reputation for its forward-looking approach to education. Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of the East: a world-renowned capital of innovation, home to a thriving IT community and a number of industry leaders in hi-tech. Over the last couple of decades Bangalore’s local economy and school system received a real boost from its proximity to and involvement with the world of technology, becoming in the process an ideal location for internationally minded students to come sharpen and practice their tech-savviness and entrepreneurial spirit.

Meer informatie

Together with you, we look at your questions about cooperation with India and we will find an exchange form that suits your students best.