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Triggering curiosity, stimulate interest, letting young students experience a sense of the global world

Getting familiar with the basics of internationalisation often starts during exchanges and holidays, but sometimes already earlier: with u in the classroom. With the Globitrotter bordgame your students will make contact with different cultural while travelling around the world. Who solves the intercultural dilemma’s best, makes the most social contacts and therefore will first finish its travel mission?

Students will not only come across new cultural situations, but will also be actively stimulated to (re)think about questions on culture and intercultureel communication in general. The game is designed for (high) school students of all ages. By providing up-to-date, course specific information online for teachers we hope to increase the ways the game can be used in the future. Momentarily the game is not yet available in English. We are working on it!

For more information you can send an email to of access