Learning from the world,

learning for life

We are convinced that gaining intercultural experiences within an international, educational context lays a valuable foundation for the future.

The globalizing world and unlimited possibilities

The world is getting smaller every day due to globalization. We become members of a global village through the films we watch, the food we eat, the music we listen to, the clothes we wear, but also through our travels, studies, internships and work abroad.

These blurring boundaries make it increasingly important to understand who you are in relation to others.

The world citizen and intercultural competences

Through contact with people from other cultures you notice that cultural norms and values ​​can differ. A standard recipe to deal with this properly does not exist: but we believe in the role of personal contact. It is important that you know who you are in relation to others worldwide. And that you know what you can and do in situations that are unknown to you.

Intercultural skills, such as openness and being able to change perspectives, are important. With the right competences in hand, intercultural contact, both in the Netherlands and abroad, becomes more effective and more meaningful.

The educational institution and internationalization that makes a difference

Internationalization is an item on the agenda for many educational institutions. As a result, more and more pupils and students have the opportunity to learn with and from other cultures. But internationalization is not a magic word; an international experience is not necessarily an intercultural learning experience.

With our expertise in intercultural learning, we support multiple levels of education in the development and implementation of impactful internationalization activities: in the classroom or beyond; within the borders of the Netherlands or abroad.

With programs, projects, materials and methods, we create opportunities that ensure that every pupil or student feels like a citizen of the world.

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