Teaching materials

Crossing borders together

We develop methods and materials because learning from other cultures can also be done at home and because an intercultural experience becomes even richer if you prepare students for it beforehand.

Intercultural methods and materials

Our methods and materials make the complexity and diversity of the world accessible in a practical manner. They are designed to activate students to more rapidly explore materials in an in-depth manner.

You can use them to prepare your students for an exchange or world internship, but also in the context of ‘internationalization at home’ or global citizenship.


Who is best at solving intercultural dilemmas, maintaining social contacts and completing their travel mission?

Globi-Trotter is a board game in which you work with pupils or students within the walls of your classroom to strengthen intercultural competences.

Navigator Internationalization

How do you design an intercultural learning experience?

Navigator Internationalization is a working method with which you can design an intercultural learning experience in an approachable way.

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The World Wheel

Determine your vision on internationalization

The World Wheel is an instrument that coordinators, principals and teachers use to formulate a vision on internationalization or to test and adapt an existing vision.

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