From pupil, student or teacher to world citizen


With our network of schools and companies in China and India, we organize well-balanced exchange projects.

World internships

Students gain international work experience through completing challenging assignments offered by our partners and professional business owners in China and India.


We organize training courses, study trips and intercultural projects for educational professionals.

Education and development beyond borders

In our programs and projects we focus on internationalization with India and China. Both are countries with a rich culture and a growing economy where the differences with the Netherlands are almost as numerous as the respective number of inhabitants.


At the same time, they are a force to be reckoned with and as such countries that we, as the Netherlands, should invest in. Every program or project, whether in India, China or here in the Netherlands, is tailor-made. We always focus our programs on your vision of internationalization and educational objectives.


The more you are confronted with challenges and differences, the more strategies you develop to deal with them attentively and consciously and the more similarities you will discover.

During an international exchange pupils and students as well as teachers learn to deal with the challenges that a collaboration with a completely different culture entails. The result is that you develop intercultural competences that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

See and experience

If you, as an educational institution, choose to organize an exchange, then you offer pupils, students and teachers real, local experiences. A pupil or student takes part in the education program of the local partner school for a week and lives with a Chinese or Indian peer. They do not only observe, but participate: that is the unique thing about an exchange.

To learn from each other

Conversely, the foreign buddies in the Netherlands experience what it is like to live and study here. By being part of daily life, students experience the culture from the inside. With activities and projects in which we stimulate interaction, pupils consciously and unconsciously reinforce intercultural competences such as being flexible, being able to put your judgment into perspective and being curious.

A good balance

During our exchange programs and world internships we offer the students and teachers a varied and balanced program.


Pupils and students not only work on their language skills, but also develop intercultural competences that last a lifetime.


During an exchange you get to know a culture from the inside out. This creates challenges and learning moments about the other culture as well as your own.


There is enough space for group activities and time to relax. Also, staying with a host family creates an extra social dimension in the experience.

This experience enriched me and widened my horizon. In the future I'll make great efforts to get more knowledge beyond textbooks. I hope one day, I can see the Dutch buddies again.

Li ShuaicongPupil of the Chinese partner school of Rijnlands Lyceum Wassenaar

Over the years, the preparation, feedback and evaluation that Globi has provided, has ensured that each year the exchange is an improved experience. Not only in the visit to Beijing, but in the return visit to Haren as well.

Mike WestonInternational School Groningen (part of Maartenscollege)

World internship

Working on international ambitions, professional skills and intercultural competences: during a world internship students do it all at the same time.

Helping to organize a gala, conduct research into trade relations or give lectures in Dutch: with challenging assignments from our relations in Beijing and Bangalore, pupils gain worldly work experiences.

In the meantime they get a taste of the local culture and gain valuable knowledge about themselves.

Knowing more?

When the pupils came back from their internships, their stories were always filled with excitement about the day and the journey by public transport. That was very nice, especially because they showed how they grew in independence and responsibility.

Sandra van WerkhovenBeekdal Lyceum, Arnhem

Special, educational and overall eight very pleasant days. Because of the good preparation, I entered my internship week confidently. Of course I was nervous as I did not know exactly what to expect. Fortunately, this feeling disappeared almost immediately after day one.

Hannah HeijnenParticipant World Internship Beijing 2018, KSG Apeldoorn


Internationalization is about more than just offering activities to pupils and students. Do you want what you do to have a long-lasting effect? Then a focus on the professionalization of your educational institution is a must.

Here at Globi we develop programs and projects that offer that specific focus: from training courses and study trips abroad to tailor-made intercultural projects and internationalization trajectories. The form that we choose together is always based on your intended learning objectives. We always start from the experience and insight that already exists within your organization.

Want to know more?

One of the visits during our study trip India reminded me of the basis of education: to feel the vocation to help children in their personal development, even if this is in small steps.

Participant study trip India2016

China and India

When Globi started in 2012, China was a country that was rarely considered as a potential exchange partner for Dutch schools. If a school did have the intention to set up an exchange with this unknown destination, organizing it was often too big a challenge and it was canceled. A missed chance, we thought.

We ourselves have experienced how special and valuable it is to experience Chinese culture and Chinese education from the inside out. We therefore started supporting schools in this way, in order to make exchanges with China more accessible.

We are now doing the same with India: just like China, a super power with a completely different culture that is still a challenging choice for internationalization for Dutch educational institutions.