Professionalization in intercultural education

Training and consultancy

We support educational organizations in designing and implementing effective internationalization and world citizenship education. Our professionalization programs are aimed at heightening understanding of the world and one’s own place within it.

Intercultural education that makes a difference

Are you looking for ways to develop the internationalization and world citizenship curriculum? Do you work with terms like culture, diversity and identity, and want to make them more accessible? Would you like to stimulate pupils or students to develop their intercultural skills and identify as world citizens? At Globi you will find the expertise that can help you professionalize internationalization and world citizenship education within your school or institute.

Professionalization programs

Are you working in secondary or higher education? We offer consultancy, workshops and training on developing internationalization and world citizen education. If you have a specific inquiry about any of these themes; please get in touch. We are happy to be your partner in internationalization and discuss any needs or ideas you might have. Our consultancy, workshops and training are all tailor-made according to your specific needs.

Secondary education

We support secondary schools with the following training, workshop and consultancy programs. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you want to learn more about our programs.

Consultancy program: Internationalization and world-citizenship within the curriculum
Workshop: Vision on internationalization in education
Workshop: Cultural and intercultural awareness
Training program: Internationalization and world citizenship  at school
Train-the-trainer: Strengthening intercultural skills with  our intercultural boardgame Globi-Trotter

Higher education

We support higher education institutes with the following workshop, training and consultancy programs.

Workshop: Intercultural skills for students
Train-the-trainer: Intercultural skills in higher education

Methods and materials

We use several methods and materials in our programs. Our methods Wereldwijzer, Navigator and Globi-Trotter make the world’s complexity accesible for your team and students. Use them to go into depth and structure discussion within your school.


Determine your vision on internationalization

Wereldwijzer is a tool with which teachers, coordinators and school management can shape their vision on internationalization or update an already existent vision.


How to desgin an intercultural learning experience?

Navigator Internationalization is a method with which you gain insight into the (intercultural) learning results of international activities and projects.


Who is able to solve the intercultural dilemma’s and win the game?

Globi-Trotter is a board game that challenges students to tackle intercultural dilemma’s in the classroom. By playing the game they strengthen their intercultural skills and gain insight into what it means to be a world citizen.

Our partners

There’s strength in numbers! That is why Globi works with partners that are also active in the field of internationalization, world citizenship and intercultural learning. We share our knowledge and build on each other’s expertise. This way we can help you tackle your problem or need as best we can.

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