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With Globi-Trotter you work in a fun way with pupils or students to strengthen intercultural competences. Players travel around the world, solve intercultural dilemmas and think about questions about culture and intercultural communication.

Increase your cultural self-awareness and create a global mindset

Working on intercultural competences

With Globi-Trotter you work on increasing cultural self-awareness, curiosity, to ability to change perspectives and open mindedness.

Use it in your own way

Use it in class, for global citizenship, in the context of internationalization at home or in preparation for an activity abroad.

For all levels of education

Globi-Trotter is suitable for students from all years of secondary education and for MBO and HBO students.

Globi trotter paspoorten

Globi-Trotter is very practical. In the game you really start thinking about how you behave in certain situations. And it saves you a ton of preparation as a teacher.

Haitske van de Sande, CSW van de Perre in Middelburg
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